Dental implants are the most stable removable alternatives. They guarantee a better functional comfort and a good aesthetic result. They are made from biocompatible materials to ensure good long-term tolerance.

Dental implants replace one or more teeth by integrating harmoniously into the mouth and optimally adapting to the gingiva.

The placement of dental implants ensures the integrity of healthy neighboring teeth and preserves the structure of the bones. In the case of bridges or removable prostheses, the neighboring teeth are ground. Thanks to dental implants, they are preserved. This advantage greatly extends their long-term life for these teeth. Similarly, by applying the jaw to the place where it has been placed, dental implants help to preserve the bone by limiting the bone loss resulting from tooth extraction. In addition, the load that the bone undergoes during chewing, stimulates it and prevents its resorption.

Implants fit into the bone and are feel like natural teeth and not like a foreign body, they provide a feeling of comfort. The patient regains confidenc;e when talking, eating or laughing. You will not worry about your teeth while savoring your daily life

At Targa Dental Clinic, our resident surgeon and co-founder of the clinic, DR. Younes Kalakhy, does not only place dental implants but ensures the harmony of the whole smile. With several years of specialized training and advanced equipment, Targa Dental Clinic is able to offer you different solutions to replace your teeth effectively and efficiently.


1 / REVIEW  : : examination of arches, X-rays, impression taking

2 / THE SURGICAL PHASE :  : is practiced under local anesthesia. The duration of the intervention varies according to the complexity of the intervention (number and location of implants, available bone volume ...)

3 / THE HEALING PHASE : the implants have been placed, the healing phase begins. The bone will reconstitute itself around the implant in a painless way. During this period, a provisional prosthesis may be posed for aesthetic reasons.

4 / THE PROSTHETIC PHASE :  the practitioner and the dental technician make a prosthesis (artificial tooth) from impressions. This prosthesis is then attached to the implant via a pillar.

5 / THE MONITORING PHASE AND PROFESSIONAL CARE :  Regular checks by the dentist and good oral hygiene of the patient are essential to avoid any complications and ensure the durability of the implant.

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