Smile Imperfection

Many people feel embarrassed to smile in public because of the dental imperfections they suffer from. Cosmetic dentistry has become a common and popular practice for correcting imperfections of the smile by improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth. It is a set of permanent smile modifications that take into account the following elements:

  • Color
  • Symmetry
  • Balance
  • Harmony Of The Face
  • Form
  • Maxillary Aspect

If you address these six elements, you can define the smile that suits you best. Some will prefer to focus on color rather than symmetry, while others will prefer to focus on the harmony of their faces.

Improving your smile will have a dramatic effect on your appearance and help increase your self-esteem. The advice of our dentist can be of great help to you. Thanks to the new technologies used in our clinic, our specialists can offer you several smiles by indicating you the most suitable smile to the shape of your face.
It should be mentioned that it is sometimes essential to resort to prior care (tooth replacement, caries treatment ...) before looking at the aesthetic aspect. Many people want a smile fix when they have one or more dental problems that they do not realize.
"Behind every beautiful smile, we must ensure good oral health"

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