Missing teeth

Missing teeth are very common among people aged between 20 to 64 years old.
If you have lost all or part of your natural teeth due to periodontal disease, tooth decay or accident ... Your bite, word and food choices are necessarily impacted. However, there are options to regain your smile.
Replacing the missing teeth will not only benefit your appearance, but your health too. In fact, the spacing between the teeth affects not only the way of talking and eating of the person, but can also move the remaining teeth or cause bone loss around the tooth in question. These complications can make the treatment more complex and therefore more expensive.

Here are 6 main complications that can cause a missing tooth:

  • Chewing Disorder
  • Malocclusion
  • Bone Resorption
  • Increased Risk Of Gum Disease
  • Speech Problems
  • Imperfect Smile
  • Loss Of Teeth Above Or Below

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