Smile relooking is the process of improving the appearance of your smile through one or more cosmetic dental procedures such as dental facets, teeth whitening and dental implants.

Our dental specialists at the Targa Dental Clinic take into account your facial features, your complexion, your teeth (color, width, shape and presentation), your lips, your gingival tissues and even your hair to create a refreshing, harmonious smile and natural.

The smile changes are personalized according to your preferences and your expectations. Our clinic develops a mockup to show you a preview of the result of the transformation of your smile.

Aesthetic balance: digital photos, impression, clinical examination, radiological examination.

Digital Smile Design: draw the smile on your face.

Mockup: a test model that can reproduce the smile approximately.

Realization: preparation imprint facets temporary resin.

Aesthetic test: try dental facets to validate the aesthetics of the smile in the mouth.

Collage: establishment of definitive dental facets.  

White and healthy teeth is everyone's dream. But because of some factors such as diet (coffee, tea ...), lifestyle (tobacco consumption) yellowing of your teeth is triggered.
The teeth whitening techniques can regain a beautiful and healthy smile. Thousands of patients around the world have enjoyed a brighter, younger smile with a whitening treatment.
There are two types of teeth whitening: dental office whitening (administered by the dentist) and home teeth whitening (patients receive a custom tray and whitening kit for use at home).

At the Targa Dental Clinic, we receive many local and international patients who come to us for our whitening treatments.
The entire process of teeth whitening at the chair, including the preparation, can take up to 2 hours. The treatment takes place in a single session with a Plasme Saphire lamp that accelerates the chemical process, ambulatory with gutters made "custom" and a bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide).


  • Supported
    Management In -depth oral assessment to check the absence of contraindications (untreated caries, devitalized teeth, weak enamel, gingival irritation ...)
  • Effective descaling
    This type of treatment is only recommended when the teeth are strongly yellowed).
    It is possible to gain half a tone or even a tone, but the important thing is to preserve as much as possible the natural shade of the tooth so that it is in adequacy with the whole face.

Bleaching can make teeth white?
The answer is yes but it will also depend on people. The dentist establishes a scale of teeth tint.
After a whitening treatment, the teeth are usually whiter from 3 to 4 shades
The result is more effective on yellow teeth
Brown and gray stains are difficult to whiten.
Stains due to medication such as antibiotics, are more difficult to make completely white but it is possible to gain some hues.

Can the teeth stay white longer?
No whitening technique can guarantee that the teeth will remain white long and especially not forever. Often your teeth can stay white for up to 2 years. After this period, the teeth will rejuvenate again but will still be whiter than before the treatment.
It will then be necessary to redo a treatment if you wish it. A new whitening will make your teeth white as after the initial treatment! It is therefore an operation that lasts in time but must be renewed regularly.

Do you have colorful teeth?
You lost a tooth or two?
You have cavities?
Want to improve the condition of your teeth?

The smile design is a concept that will allow you to have a personalized smile and correct all your dental problems.

Personalized smile
The realization includes:

  • An impression and digital photos.
  • Presentation of a digital simulation that will visualize your future smile from a portrait photo with a broad smile.
  • After an agreement on the treatment plan, we start the necessary care.

Digital simulation (advanced technology)
At the second appointment and even before touching your teeth, you can see your new smile and participate in the desired changes.
Tool that will help determine treatment options and the type of prosthetic restorations you will need.

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