Conditions and terms CDT

Conditions and terms CDT

We are always happy to help and accompany our patients during their care. This
document details our terms and conditions of service.
Please note that any information provided on our online platforms (examples: website,
forum, blog, social networks, phone, email, ...) is only for information purposes
and does not constitute in any way a personalized professional advice. Indeed, a professional opinion
can be given only during a clinical consultation with our dentists.

Article 1 - Treatment planning

Once your treatment plan has been agreed with one of our dentists, we will
provide a written estimate of your plan. This plan may change due to other reviews
complementary radiographic or clinical. If this is the case, we inform you and discuss
with you accordingly. Treatment plans are valid for 30 days from the date of
prescription date. Any questions about your treatment plan should be asked before
start the treatment.

Article 2 - Consent Form

Some treatments require a written consent form to ensure that you have
treatment, care and risk in a thorough way before it is
made. This form also allows you to have clear information and to take a
objective decision before starting the treatment in question.

Article 3 - Fees

The Targa Dental Clinic does not offer credit and we require the fees to be paid at the meeting.
where the treatment is provided. When treatment results in laboratory costs, at least
50% of the total amount must be due at the appointment where impressions are taken. Fees for
some treatments, such as dental implants and orthodontic treatments, are calculated
by installment payment at each visit. In this case, our team will plan a schedule of
payment with you.

If the treatment is paid through a finance company, be aware that the financing agreement must
be accepted and signed before the start of treatment. Please note that this type of financing is not
valid only for treatments of more than 20,000 dhs and that a minimum payment may be

If you financed one of the costs of your treatment through a health insurance company
funding and wish to cancel your treatment after signing the agreement form, know
cancellation fees will be charged.

The Targa Dental Clinic accepts payment by check.

The rates applied for any form of dental treatment are based on:

  • The materials used
  • The lab costs incurred
  • The time spent in the clinic.

Article 4 - Late Cancellation or Missed Appointment

The Targa Dental Clinic reserves the right to charge an amount in case of omission or
cancellation of an appointment with less than 24 hours notice. For more interventions
of an hour, we need at least 72 hours.

Additional expectations may arise in the waiting room due to an emergency
or other medical constraints

Article 5 - Garantie

Our facets, crowns, implants and prostheses are guaranteed for a period of three years from the
date of placement, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The patient has fully adjusted the treatment
  • Facets, crowns, implants or prostheses were not damaged as a result of
    an accident, trauma or an excessive event.
  • The patient followed all the post-treatment recommendations formulated by our dentists.
  • The commitment of the clinic being a commitment of means, the patient can not in any
    case claim a specific aesthetic result.

Some treatments may have a guarantee of less than one year. Your dentist will
inform either verbally or in writing, or both.

Article 6 - Personal Information

It is very important that you provide a complete medical history and inform your dentist
de tout changement médical.

Article 7 - Use of images

The Targa Dental Clinic can use images and X-rays of your smile for any promotional
purpose, educational and scientific. Your name or identity will never be revealed or
published. However, if you do not want your images to be used, please let us know.

Article 8 - Use of the patient's details

Your health is our top priority. For this purpose, we would like to inform our patients of various
changes in the clinic or remind them of their appointments. Indeed, the clinic can
to contact you periodically by telephone, SMS, e-mail or by post.

Article 9 - Complaint Policy

We take seriously any complaint relating to one or more aspects of our services, in order to
ensure that each patient can have an excellent experience in our clinic. You
can make your complaint by completing a simple evaluation form available at
reception. Complaints must be clear so that they can be handled effectively

We will strive to solve the problem in a timely manner. If a complaint concerns an
aspect of the clinical care, it will be directly addressed to the treating dentist.

If you are not satisfied with the internal handling of your complaint, you can send it to us
at contact@cliniquedentairetarga.com.

The clinic reserves the right to cancel, modify or postpone the treatment plan
a patient in case of non-compliance with these conditions by the latter. All
reimbursement will be subject to a deduction of the contributions of the works already
performed on the patient.

Article 10 - Protection of staff

Abuse of dentists and staff, strong / disordered / drunk behaviors,
Late cancellations of (repetitive) appointments are not tolerated. In these situations, The
Dental Clinic Targa reserves the right to refuse the treatment of the person in question.

Article 11 - Data protection

The personal data of our patients are stored on a secure computer system
in accordance with the law of data protection. All clinical notes, X-rays or
Digital photographs remain the property of The Targa Dental Clinic. Copies may
be made available on request. The Targa Dental Clinic reserves the right to charge
administration fees for these operations.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require clarification. We
will be happy to help you.