Dental Discoloration

Dental discoloration is a very common phenomenon that strongly affects the smile of people who suffer from it. Unfortunately, any smile with stains or discoloration on the teeth is flawed. It is very important to determine and understand the type of tooth discoloration because each type requires a special treatment to avoid any risk of unsatisfactory results.
There are three common types of dental discoloration:

    • Age-related discoloration
      Teeth naturally turn yellow over time, becoming more sensitive to staining and discoloration as the e-mail on the teeth becomes thinner.
    • Intrinsic discoloration
      In this case, the teeth darken and become yellow due to excessive exposure to fluoride, antibiotic consumption, injury or internal bleeding or disease.
    • Extrinsic discoloration
      In this case, the outer layer of the teeth is colored because of excessive consumption of coloring food coffee, wine, cola ...) Regular consumption of tobacco also stains teeth.
    • ...
It should therefore be mentioned that it is recommended to rinse the mouth after consuming one of the foods causing tooth discoloration to prevent it.
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